Ángel Berrios Dávila

IT Director
Ángel Berrios Dávila

Expertise: Cloud and Network Infrastructure | Systems Integration-Software Development | Social Analytics

At LinkActiv I bring three decades of experience in the design, implementation and administration of information technology systems to the team and the vision and the pertinence of innovation and continous development as the means to lead the global competition.

I started my career as a manufacturing engineer with several implementation of data collection and automation with vendors for the Bio-Medical and production printing tyvek/filters converters back in 1989. Later as an IT Consultant and Entrepenour for the Private and Government sectors I focussed on Networks and Internet related technologies like virtualization, High Performance Computing, cloud based services and mobiles.

I also hold certifications in Big Data and Social Analytics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT 2016), Openstack Cloud Management from Mirantis 2013, Linux/Unix System Administration from from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign(2008), Instituto Superior de Investigaciones Tecnológicas, ISEIT 2006 and Computer/Network Technical support from Brainbench (2001/2002).